Maternity Coaching

From a corporate perspective we provide maternity coaching services to support female executives to successfully manage maternity leave and motherhood in the context of their professional lives. It has been shown to improve retention rates and help support faster return to full productivity post maternity leave.

Maternity coaching gives the client or group the opportunity to consider, discuss and plan for maternity leave and subsequent return to work. 

Maternity coaching can be delivered in either a group or one to one context and will depend on the needs of the client and the company. We recommend that 2 sessions should take place with group/ client if possible or certainly specific follow up with participants at a later stage.

Having a baby is a huge event in every woman’s life. For those who decide to continue their careers after maternity leave, maternity coaching has a valuable role to play in supporting women to remain in the workplace and to re-engage effectively back into their roles.

Maternity coaching demonstrates a companies commitment to retaining key employees who are likely to have accrued a significant amount of organisational skill and know how.


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