In the mayhem that is family life it is quite common as a Mom to feel pulled from every angle. You are completely engrossed in the next task at hand……….the dinner, the homework, the lift to training, the budget, the wash, the break up of the argument, the job, the fleeting chat with your partner, the advice, the next wash, the comfort, the promotion, the cuddle, the command, the roar, the tumble drier, the life. You experience this. You expect this.
Sometimes though, it’s draining both physically and emotionally. If you are beginning to get that feeling that the days drag by then it’s time to think about you. Time to get ‘me’ space.
Maybe you can achieve it by arranging coffee with friends and having adult chat ! Maybe you can get up half an hour before the children to enjoy the silence and focus on a positive day ahead. Maybe you need more than that.
Either-way you deserve it. When you succeed in getting some time to yourself every week you’ll feel more energized and fulfilled. You may even relish the challenge of the mayhem again !

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