We are all familiar with the flight attendant safety announcement ‘if you are travelling with a child secure your own mask first and then assist the other person’. It makes sense and we get it – our child’s safety depends on us getting sorted first.

We tend not to make the same connection with everyday life.  Our sense of well being, our sense of achievement, feeling excited with life and its challenges positively impacts not only us, but our children as well. In the mayhem that is ‘normal’ family life it is really hard to get the time and space to figure out what will give you that feeling. You may have figured a way of getting that space however it may be difficult to figure out the direction you need to take. Coaching, coaching, coaching is the way to go. By our nature we look after everyone else and lastly (if at all) we’ll do something for ourselves. Coaching is an objective , positive environment in which to turn long forgotten dreams into reality – secure your own mask first.

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