There are many reasons why we chose to work : financial security, skills and knowledge development, social interaction, enhancement of status, control and structure.

Many mothers who choose to stay at home, to rear their children, don’t miss any of the above. Their role as mother gives them all of that and more. Personally I commend those Mums.

Some mothers however miss the ritual of work, i.e. dressing differently, conversing with other adults, receiving feedback for a job well done , climbing the ladder to success. For these Mums, the long term prospect of the role of homemaker can seem daunting and maintaining a sense of self worth can be difficult.

If the perfect part-time role outside the home doesn’t come along quickly then finding a little time to focus on her personal development, finding the goal that motivates and fulfills can be so important. If this is you, it’s worth spending time considering what that goal, milestone or project could be.

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