It’s amazing how many of us in our 30’s and 40’s still ask ourselves the above question. We have yet to find that role, that job, which truly motivates and invigorates us.

In school we choose a college course or job which at that moment in time seems like a good idea – our friends are going there, it’s near home, it’s handy money. We go to the next job and the next and eventually, one day, come to the realisation that we are completely unhappy and disinterested in the career we are in.

With hindsight comes 20:20 vision .. . . . . .if I only knew then what I know now!¬†Any Coach will tell you there is little value in looking back with regret. There’s always a way to move forward. If you feel you don’t want to engage the services of a coach, to tease out the various issues with you, a first step you can take is to determine what your career interests are. There are many free tools available on-line which will give you a summary report of the types of careers which suit you based on the answers you give to a series of questions. Maybe do this as the first step to career start or change.

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