What is the Mom Network Coaching service?

The role of Mom is hugely rewarding. As a multi-disciplined manager, you juggle roles such as child minder, housekeeper, teacher, administrator, chauffeur, doctor, psychologist and cook while also possibly working outside the home. This rich and diverse career can be an all-consuming role with very little, if any, time left for you.

Coaching gives you time and space to figure out how you, the individual, can be more fulfilled.

Shifting priorities, conflicting commitments, not to mention monumental, life changing events, can impact significantly on your sense of fulfillment and esteem.

Coaching is a wonderful opportunity to restore both.

Improving work-life balance is a priority for many but, for stay-at-home Moms, achieving a satisfying life-life balance can seem like an impossible task. It is easy to lose sight of your sense of self when everyone else’s is a priority.

Coaching enables you to proactively re-dress that balance.

The coaching process focuses on stimulating and empowering, on building self-confidence and motivating you to succeed in achieving your goals according to a realistic plan—with an all-important time-frame.

A happier, empowered, motivated you, with a sense of self-purpose, will impact positively on your role as Mother and permeate all facets of your life.

Coaching puts you back in control of fulfilling your goals & ambitions and maximizing your potential.

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