We heard so many stories about the refugee crisis over the last few months and really didn’t understand it’s significance until today. The heartbreaking picture of the drowned 3 year old boy, who looked like he was being brought from a car still asleep, has stirred a lot of emotion in lots of people. I sent an e-mail to our local government minister today. Maybe you could do something similar if you feel we are not doing enough. Here’s what I sent :


Dear Mr. English

As an elected representative, and a member of the current government, I am sending this e-mail to you as a Mother, an Irish person and European and would like to state my embarrassment and disappointment at the complete lack of empathy, humanity and will of the Irish Government to do anything worthwhile in respect of the current refugee crisis. We are essentially turning our backs on people fleeing persecution and death and I think it is a disgrace. I would be very happy to relinquish one of the many tax breaks you will offer me to buy my vote this year and ring fence that money to offer something adequate to relieve the  suffering of people, just like us, who have been desperately unfortunate to live where they do.

Thank you in advance

Your Sincerely

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