Maternity leave is a major event in every woman’s life, full of anticipation, excitement and anxiety in varying degrees. Anticipation and excitement at the thoughts of a new beautiful addition to the family but also anxiety around work…………Will they cope without me? Will this affect my career? Will I want to return to work at all? What will I return to?

From the companies perspective there are concerns too… can they ensure retention of valuable female employees and prevent the ‘brain drain’ of these highly skilled assets ?

Maternity coaching is a fantastic intervention which facilitates the smooth integration of the executive back into the workforce. Studies have shown that where time is taken to facilitate returning mothers, it is more likely they will continue in the workforce gaining personal satisfaction but also ensuring their workplace benefits from their continued valued experience and performance.

The gesture in itself will attract and ensure retention of loyal, high achieving women. Specifically, research shows that coaching improves retention rates 12-24 months post return.

For companies keen to promote diversity in the workplace, offering maternity coaching to employees shows they walk the walk. For female executives hoping to return to work, coaching can be a hugely supportive tool to a seamless return.

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